Protection on the Run: The White Circle

After realising with horror that I had run out of coffee, I had to make a trip to the shops on their busiest day, Saturday. As a sensitive type, I would usually avoid the Saturday crowd unless I was feeling particularly social. This day, I was not feeling social. But I managed to shower and pull on tracksuit pants (not my best day obviously) and drive myself to the local supermarket, which is also a small shopping centre. As soon as I ascended from the carpark on the escalator I was bombarded with Saturday crowd frenzy. People marching in all directions with bags, trolleys and prams. A piercing scream from a toddler contracted my muscles like an all-over kick. I needed to remedy the situation fast if I was going to get my coffee. The White Circle I quickly imagined a white circle surrounding my feet, made of light, like a halo on the ground. It travelled along with me as I walked. I imagined the white circle emitted the light upward in multiple columns of light, surrounding me.

Cutting the Ties That Bind - And What if They Won't Release?

Some readers may be aware of a personal development/magickal ceremony known as a tie cutting ceremony. I have described the ceremony in detail at the end of this article. For those readers already aware of the tie cutting ceremony , what if it doesn't work? A Ghost from the Past I was walking home and decided to take the scenic route via the lake. My decision placed me on a pathway I wouldn't have chosen had I known my ex would be on it. He pretended to be on the phone, but I know he saw me. Although I only saw him at the last minute we almost brushed shoulders as we silently passed. I was pleased with myself for not speaking, the emotional ties, finally having released me. But after performing various tie cutting exercises, why was he still appearing on the path at the same time as me? Coincidence? Not in my world. Secondary Ties During the course of a relationship we develop many ties with someone. Those ties range in strength from the life-long ties created by sha

Human Hibernation

I have been shivering through what is colder than a Melbourne Winter - A Yarra Valley Winter. Early morning temperatures often drop to freezing point. It seems severe this year. I have instinctively kept myself inside, starved for daylight, but unable to face the cold. Aside from the occasional sunny 'energy' day, I have surrendered to the retreating energy of winter, into human hibernation. We Are Not Machines Human beings are subject to various natural rhythms from nature outside, as well as our nature inside. Cycles of rest and renewal energise and deflate us in a self balancing dance of creation. This is why we won't work continuously like machines. We need rest, sleep, nutrition and self-reflection. To resist these natural functions invites imbalances that can lead to illness. Perfectionism Often I have planned out weeks of predicted perfect workflow. I would list activities in my diary, spaced out evenly across the week, complete with boxes to tick when com

Word Magick - The Seventy in Seven Technique

Does anyone remember writing 'lines' at school, you know, like the one's Bart Simpson writes on the blackboard as each episode of 'The Simpsons' begins? Well although not executed in a positive or helpful way, those teachers from childhood may have been onto something. At any age, we can use the repetition of carefully chosen words to rewire our brains in ways more suited to achieving our goals. Back in the 1990's I began learning bellydance with a teacher whose style was infused with spiritual instruction. One non-bellydance technique we learned was the '70 in 7.' It involved hand writing a carefully crafted statement 70 times without interruption. The exercise was then repeated for 7 days without a break. Make sure you mean it. Personally, due to the laborious nature of the exercise, I have only used the 70 in 7 when I really mean it. That is, I wanted to achieve my goal strongly enough to put in all of that work, when handwriting aggravates a

Writers Block - UnBlocked


The Car Park Thing

You might know what I mean. It's a common trick taught in self help and sales manuals. When going somewhere busy, visualise driving into the perfect car park near your preferred location. I have tried it, my friends have tried it, my estate agent has tried it. It works. But what about those who aren't aware of how to manifest a car park that way? What if they need it more? Someone who doesn't know or forgets to use their car park invocation might be rushing to the doctor or whatever. Something more important than picking up a litre of milk and a packet of chips. It is important to act ethically when using spell-crafting. To visualise and claim a car park is to cast a spell. It is spelling our goal or intent into words or pictures. I like to use both. I might visualise my car in the perfect car park as well as speak the words: "Universe please provide me with the perfect car park for my visit to __________." If I were to consider others who might need that ca

Shields Up!

Although I KNOW there is a permanently fixed speed detection camera on this local main street, I am driving 60kms per hour in a 50km zone. Flash! Since I am the driver whose car others are stuck behind on country roads, I don't think I deserve a fine. Despondent, I avoid the letterbox for two weeks and pray. Then a friend mentions a computer virus that has affected speed camera systems. Traffic camera violations have apparently been withdrawn. I have a chance. I carefully select a time when I'm standing at the letterbox with a friend who is leaving my house. After a chat and a laugh I feel strong enough to tackle the possibilities the letterbox might hold. I open the box to find a two week sized bunch of envelopes. I go through them one by one. Insurance (almost as bad), estate agents promotion, bank letter, etc, etc. No fine! Yippee! As my relief peaks and subsides, I recall the often repeated blessing I use for my car, 'Shields up.' I can't help but wonder h